Cybex Priam + Carrycot + Cloud T Plus Isofix Travel System, Peach Pink

Cybex Priam + Carrycot + Cloud T Plus Isofix Travel System, Peach Pink

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Meet the new generation Priam. Combining timeless design elements with new features that make life easier for parents and match their highest expectations.

A stroller perfect in the moment and adaptable for the future, the Cybex Priam Pushchair is the culmination of design refinement, customisation, innovation and flexibility. The Priam offers you the freedom to choose from a variety of colour cus-tomization options for your stroller. This includes the exclusive fashion collections, showcasing premium patterns, special edition colours and unique designs.

The 4-in-1 travel system is made to adapt to your lifestyle and grow with your child, offering comfortable travel with only one frame, and unparalleled support at every life stage. Designed to be convenient in those moments in life that aren't al-ways convenient, the Priam allows you to recline or fold with one hand, including seat folding, leaving the other free to care for your child when you're on your own or in a rush.

Folded into a free-standing unit or completely flat, the Priam is ideal for neatly storing away at a restaurant, on a bus, train in the car or at home. The Priam is the stroller travel system as diverse as life itself.

This Package Includes:

  • Priam frame + seat hardpart (incl. seat raincover + car seat adapters)
  • Seat Pack (incl. sun canopy, harness padding, comfort inlay + leg rest cover)
  • Lux Carrycot
  • Cup Holder
  • Matching Footmuff
  • Cloud T Plus i-Size Car Seat
  • Isofix Base T

Product Features:

  • Whether forward-facing or rearward-facing, the Priam Lux Seat can be easily adjusted to the favoured position
  • The high-chair function of the Priam is perfectly aligned with standard table heights for your convenience
  • The smooth all-wheel suspension of the Priam provides a comfortable ride for both parent and child
  • The 2-wheel mode on your Priam ensures a smooth, safe ride on difficult surfaces like beach sand or climbing up the stairs.

Cybex Priam Seat Pack

The PRIAM has taken the standard of pushchairs to a new level with its elegant lines and desirable frame colouring, for luxurious comfort and distinctive style. It combines timeless design elements to meet parents‘ highest expectations.

The PRIAM Lux Seat can be used until 22kg, approx. 4 years old. By simply attaching the Seat Pack to the frame’s seat unit the seat can be used either front or parent-facing. Find the perfect PRIAM travel system to suit you and your family.

Pushchair Features:

  • COMFORTABLE RIDE- Experience a whole new level of comfort. Soft all-wheel suspension and large wheels absorb shocks and bumps, keeping the ride luxuriously smooth.
  • ONE-PULL HARNESS - Secure your child in seconds, with just one hand. Our unique one-pull harness makes fitting easy and more comfortable for your growing child.
  • TRAVEL SYSTEM READY - The luxury of choice. Tailor your child’s ride to suit them. Switch between a carrycot, an infant car seat and a reversible pushchair seat with ease.
  • SUN PROTECTION - The PRIAM’s extendable XXL sun canopy provides UPF50+ sun protection. It also effectively protects against wind and weather.
  • ONE-HAND RECLINE - One hand is all you need to recline the PRIAM seat to a lie-flat position, or to fold the stroller for easy storage on the go - keeping your other hand free to hold onto your little one.
  • REVERSIBLE SEAT UNIT - Whether you choose forward-facing or parent-facing, the PRIAM LUX Seat can be easily adjusted to the desired position in just a few simple steps.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN - The details make the design. Featuring five soft new colourways, the 2023 Platinum collection has also been updated with several visual refinements including matt linings and a sleek new zipper design.
  • XL SHOPPING BASKET - The CYBEX PRIAM features a spacious and easily accessible shopping basket that can be folded out when needed.
  • ONE-HAND HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBAR - Allowing the steering level to be tailored to the height of the parent, the handlebar height can be easily adjusted with one hand.
  • FLIP FLOP FRIENDLY BRAKE - The flip flop friendly break allows you to put the break on and off even when wearing flip flops, without hurting your toes!

Pushchair Specifications:

  • Age Suitability: Birth - 4 years, Max Child Weight - 22kg
  • Composition: Polyester Blend, Mesh
  • Care & Maintenance: Wash fabrics at 30 degrees, line dry
  • Unfolded Dimensions: L 83cm - 92cm / W 60cm / H 99cm - 109cm
  • Folded Dimensions (most compact) - L84.5 x W51 x H29cm
  • Weight: 12.9kg

Priam Lux Carrycot

The New Generation PRIAM Lux Carrycot enables sophisticated and comfortable family travel. The spacious carrycot boasts generous dimensions and maximum comfort. Ideal for babies from birth until 9kg approx. six months old. Simply click the carrycot to the Priam Frame and your pushchair is ready to go.

Carrycot Features:

  • NEW PREMIUM DESIGN - The details make the design. Featuring five new colorways, the 2023 Platinum collection has also been updated with several visual refinements.
  • BREATHABLE MATTRESS - The interior foam mattress and its lining - made out of 100% cotton - offer maximum comfort and excellent breathability for your baby.
  • CLOSER CONTACT - By using the same adapters for the infant car seat and the cot, the latter can now be placed in a higher position to ensure closer contact with your baby.
  • EASY CARRY HANDLE - Carrying the cot is always balanced and easy thanks to the integrated carrying handle in the canopy.
  • FRONT POCKET - The new pocket with zipper is a convenient place to store all parents’ belongings.
  • PANORAMA SKY VIEW WINDOWS - Two different mesh windows improve air circulation and provide a panorama view. Once opened, a tidy storage pocket for the flap of the panorama window is provided.
  • SUN CANOPY & VISOR - The sun canopy provides UPF50+ sun protection and has an extendable visor which offers extra shade.
  • OVERNIGHT SLEEPING - The Lux Carrycot is approved for overnight sleeping, with a ventilated, flat and firm base.

Carrycot Specifications:

  • Age Suitability: Birth - 9 months, Max Child Weight - 9kg
  • L 86.5cm / W 44.5 cm / H 60cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Mattress Dimensions: L 78.5 cm / W 34cm / H 3cm
  • Mattress Weight: 0.28 kg

Cloud T i-Size Infant Car Seat


  • STRETCH & LIE-FLAT TECHNOLOGY - When used outside of the car, the Cloud T i-Size features an innovative Stretch & Lie-Flat Technology, that has set new standards for ergonomic comfort. Its recline hinge, situated in the hip area, allows for a simultaneously flattened back and leg rest extension, creating an optimal lying position for your baby. Use on your pushchair and the Cloud T i-Size can be fully reclined to a lie-flat position that provides ergonomic comfort on the go , the Stretch & Lie-Flat Technology, prevents your baby’s head from falling forward, allowing for unrestricted breathing and vital lung development.
  • IN-CAR RECLINE - With the Cloud series CYBEX developed an ergonomic lie-flat position for outside of the car. Building on this innovation the newest Cloud T i-Size can also be placed in a reclined position while in the car. This feature allows greater comfort for the child without compromising on safety while on the road.
  • OPTIMAL BREATHABILITY - Babies are more sensitive to slight changes in temperature as their bodies are still growing. The Cloud T i-Size’s breathable fabrics keep your baby cool.
  • 180° ROTATION FOR EASY ON- AND OFF-BOARDING CYBEX - has been manufacturing rotating infant car seats since 2018 – the Cloud T i-Size is next generation in technology. When used with the ISOFIX Base T, the Cloud T i-Size infant car seat is easily rotatable towards the car door, for effortless on and off-boarding. Smaller babies can sleep soundly in the Cloud T i-Size while getting smoothly clicked directly onto the base. Thanks to the 180° rotation, you can make sure your baby sits properly in the seat and is securely strapped in before setting off, say goodbye to any awkward reaching or twisting. The smooth 180° rotation allows parents to turn the seat towards the door, and in a single movement by simply using the one hand release mechanism and carry handle, lift their little one out of the car without any additional bending or strain on their backs.
  • FULL SUN PROTECTION - The XXL Sun Canopy is made from UPF50+ fabric, offering excellent sun protection as well as shielding your child from wind and the busy surroundings like a cosy cocoon. When not in use, it can be easily stowed away.
  • 25% MORE SIDE IMPACT PROTECTION - The Cloud T i-Size is equipped with the proven Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) System which enhances safety in the event of an accident. Together with the energy-absorbing shell of the seat the extended side protection reduces the initial impact forces by up to 25%. If needed, the L.S.P. System can be easily stored away in case of limited space in the car.
  • TRAVEL SYSTEM READY - The Cloud T i-Size’s travel system compatibility allows for easy attachment to a variety of strollers and pushchairs from CYBEX with the intuitive use of adapters. While being a versatile infant car seat, it also offers an incomparably flat recline position, nearly as flat as a carrycot, setting it apart from other reclining car seats.
  • GROWS WITH THE CHILD - The Cloud T i-Size’s Height-adjustable Headrest provides 12 different positions, allowing for a personalised and secure fit for your growing child. With the integrated harness guide, adjustments can be made effortlessly and within seconds while ensuring that the safety features of the seat are properly positioned. The Cloud T i-Size grows with your child from birth to approximately 24 months old (45-87cm) and harness automatically adjust as you move the headrest or recline the seat.
  • SAFE TRAVEL FOR SMALLER BABIES - The Cloud T i-Size comes with a removable Newborn Inlay that provides a near-flat lying position for newborns or smaller premature babies. The inlay minimises the risk of the baby’s head tipping forward while sleeping, which encourages a safer sleeping position and reduces any breathing difficulties. As your baby grows, the Newborn Inlay can be removed once your little one is taller than 60 cm.
  • ONE BASE – TWO SEATS - The ISOFIX Base T serves as a secure base for the CYBEX T Line Modular System, offering maximum protection and versatility, allowing the Cloud T i-Size to rotate 180° to either side of the car door. Additionally, it’s a long-lasting solution that can continue to be used with a CYBEX Sirona T i-Size as your child grows.
  • INTUITIVE ISOFIX TECH - The Base T comes equipped with optimised and user-friendly ISOFIX-Release buttons, making the installation of the base in the car even more intuitive and easy. The handy green and red indicators featured on the ISOFIX Tech Release buttons and the base load leg reassure parents that they have correctly installed their seat.

*Compared to conventional car seat covers

**Except for mesh parts

Car Seat Specifications:

  • Age Suitability: Birth to approx. 24 months, Max. Child weight - 13kg
  • L 64.5 cm / W 44 cm / H 38 - 60 cm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg

Isofix Base T

The practical and versatile Base T is a safe and secure foundation for the CYBEX T Line Modular System. Its rotation mechanism enables easy on and off-boarding of both the Cloud T i-Size and Sirona T i-Size car seats, while the optimized and user-friendly ISOFIX release buttons visual indicators confirm the correct setup on both the ISOFIX buttons and Load Leg. While the easy one-hand rotation mechanism allows you to rotate both car seats 180° towards the door, it also allows 360° rotation for a quick change between rear and forward-facing travelling directions in the Sirona T i-Size when your little one reaches 15 months old and 76cm tall.

  • T LINE MODULAR SYSTEM - The ISOFIX Base T is compatible with both Cloud T i-Size and Sirona T i-Size (Sirona T Sold Separately), the CYBEX T Line Modular System offers maximum versatility and a long-lasting solution for your growing child. It is equipped with ISOFIX and a load leg for easy and secure installation.
  • INTUITIVE AND EASY INSTALLATION - Equipped with NEW optimised and user-friendly ISOFIX-Release buttons, the Base T makes the installation of the car seats easier and more intuitive. The tried-and-tested load leg technology also provides extra stability for the Base T. The ISOFIX release buttons visual indicators confirm the correct setup on both the ISOFIX buttons and Load Leg. With these features, setting up your T line car seat is as easy as it gets, reassuring parents and providing a safe and comfortable ride.
  • EASY ON AND OFF-BOARDING - The Base T allows the Cloud T i-Size and Sirona T i-Size car seats to be easily rotated 180° towards the car door, contributing to an effortless on and off-boarding. All it takes to swivel your car seat to the ideal boarding position is pulling the easy-to-access handle on the Base T.

ISOFIX Base Specifications:

  • L 66.5cm / W 40.5cm / H 36.5cm
  • Weight: 7.7kg

ISOFIX Base Compatibility:

  • Cloud T i-Size / Cloud Z2 i-Size
  • Sirona T i-Size / Cloud Z2 i-Size (Sirona T Sold Separately)
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